Lightworkers Global

Welcome to Lightworkers Global

Lightworkers Global is a worldwide movement and community that unites and inspires us to a higher sense of love, peace, and harmony, regardless of race, religion, and gender. The goal is to increase the world’s baseline vibration through kindness, positive inspiration and unconditional love. As lightworkers become the change they wish to see in the world, their light momentum will rise and grow to create a powerful ripple effect that will compound and expand across the globe. Thus, creating an environment of true integrity and happiness where each of us knows the other as ONE.

The Journey to “Help Lift The World”

The Lightworkers Global Community strongly believes that by encouraging people to become their best unique, and authentic selves, a ripple of high vibration will begin to spread throughout individuals. They see this collective vibration continuing to develop and expand across the World.

How can you become a part of the Community?

Most importantly, make the Lightworkers Global Promise. By making “The Promise,” you are joining and supporting the Lightworkers Global Community and agreeing to be mindful of sharing love and light. This promise is not about perfection but about being intentional. There are many simple ways to offer your support to help expand the movement & community to activate impact.

Lets grow the Lightworkers Global Community and positively influence the world. There are no rules or dogma associated with Lightworkers Global; it is simply a way of being. In essence, it’s to model a healthy and positive way of life by leading with your heart. Share “The Promise” with your friends, family, and coworkers, and above all, offer love and kindness to each person you meet every day.

Thank you for making The Promise to yourself and the globe; together, we can Help Lift the World!

Forever grateful,

The Lightworkers Global Community 🤍